Dr. Anna McConville, DPT, PT, PNE, is a respected expert in the field of holistic physical therapy and chronic pain. She began her career as a professional mime and physical performer, which brings a unique perspective to her work as a therapist, author, and pain consultant. Anna began practicing meditation 40 years ago to heal from chronic pain, and this started her exploration into the field of mind-body medicine and self-healing. She integrates mindfulness, humor, and laughter in her telehealth pain programs. She helps her clients find creative solutions to reduce pain and understand their unique language of healing while teaching them how to access tools to live with less pain and greater resilience.

McConville has certifications in pain neuroscience, biofeedback, Pilates, Reiki, stress management, and more. She is a student of quantum physics and energy medicine and is excited about the research that supports the premise that we can create a resilient life by changing our neural pathways. She loves to hike, bike, and camp and fuels her creativity with nature, fiber art, and writing.

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