Dr. Hopkins is licensed to practice medicine in Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. Currently, virtual visits are preferred by most patients. Dr. Hopkins is able to do in-person visits for those who live in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Patients that do not live in Minnesota, Ohio, or Wisconsin will be required to be seen in person initially to start their care. 

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is the clinical application of systems-based biology. Functional Medicine asks how and why an illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. A person is not an isolated set of symptoms. Complex, chronic illness is determined by a combination of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Your treatment plan may involve prescription medication, nutrition, botanicals, supplements, detoxification, exercise, mindfulness practice.

Your treatment plan will consider:

1. Environmental inputs

2. Your autonomic nervous system

3. Inflammation and immune balance

4. Energy, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function

5. Hormones and neurotransmitters

6. Detox ability

7. Gut and digestive health. 

The practice of Functional Medicine involves four essential components: 

1. Eliciting the patient’s complete story during the Functional Medicine intake

2. Identifying and addressing the challenges of the patient’s modifiable lifestyle factors and environmental exposures 

3. Organizing the patient’s clinical imbalances by identifying underlying causes of disease in a systems biology matrix framework

4. Establishing a mutually empowering partnership between practitioner and patient.

How do I become a patient?

When you have decided to schedule your initial intake with Dr. Hopkins, we will reach out to you regarding the intake information that is needed prior to your visit. Intake information includes intake questionnaires, medical releases to send to any other practitioners you feel are pertinent to your care, and payment information to be used for your visit. 

What do I need to do before my first appointment?

Please complete the intake forms and sign medical releases for any prior medical appointments that will add benefit to your appointment.

Who can benefit from a Functional Medicine consultation?

Everyone. The goal of Functional Medicine is not only to improve your health if you have a chronic illness, but also to prevent future health issues. It’s a patient-centered approach, where we address the whole person not just your isolated set of symptoms. The result? A program that’s personalized for you, one that will remedy or reduce the severity of your symptoms, help prevent chronic disease and get your body and mind as healthy as possible.

Why do people seek out a consultation?

Many patients come with complex chronic “mystery” health conditions that have already been evaluated by other medical practitioners without answers. People also come to prevent chronic conditions and achieve optimal health.

Do you work with patients who have autoimmune disease?

Yes. Dr. Hopkins works with people who have autoimmunity and has seen great improvements using a Functional Medicine approach. As a person with autoimmune thyroid disease herself, Dr. Hopkins has also found great healing with Functional Medicine.

Do you work with children?

Yes. Dr. Hopkins is a board certified in Family Medicine and sees patients of all ages, from birth through end-of-life.

Who Will I See At My First Appointment?

Your first appointment will be with Dr. Hopkins and may last as long as three hours or more depending on the complexity.

What Happens During My First Appointment?

Your first appointment will involve a complete medical history, review of past medical records and physical exam (if it is an in-person visit). A plan with action items will be created for you at the end of the visit. Educational material on topics appropriate to your case will be given. If additional testing is needed it will be ordered. Specialty labs usually take 4-5 weeks to complete.

What Happens At My Second Appointment?

At your second appointment, which is typically 4-5 weeks after the first, Dr. Hopkins will review the results of your laboratory testing. A personalized treatment program will then be created for you. Patients can either chose to implement the program on their own or work with a nutritionist/coach.

Will there be a conflict between the care that Dr. Hopkins and my Primary Care or other specialty doctor if I’m on medication?

Dr. Hopkins has an integrative approach to practicing medicine. The treatment plans she creates combine Western medical practices, such as prescription medications, with what are sometimes considered “alternative” or “integrative” approaches like nutrition, supplements and stress-management techniques. As a result, she understands the medications you are on and can work with you as a complement to your current medical regimen. If we are able to correct an underlying condition and your medication is no longer needed, she will leave the decision up to the patient and their primary care provider. 

Where are you located?

Our physical clinic is located on a Regenerative farm in River Falls, Wisconsin, 40 miles east of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

Dr. Hopkins is licensed to see patients from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Lisa TerHarr NP is licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We offer both virtual and in person visits. Patients that are not from states Dr. Hopkins or Lisa TerHarr NP are licensed in will need to be seen in person for their initial visit.

In person visits with Dr Hopkins are by appointment only at the farm.

In person visits with Lisa TerHaar NP are at her home office in Lino Lakes, MN, as well as at the farm in Wisconsin.

What Are Your Office Hours?

Clinic hours are Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 4:30 CDT and Friday 9:00-12:30 CDT. 

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Take?

While Olos Integrative Medicine doesn’t accept insurance, we are happy to provide you with the appropriate documentation and properly coded forms to submit to your insurance company. Most patients with out-of-network benefits, who satisfy their deductible, are reimbursed. Medicare patients will not be able to submit their visit as Dr. Hopkins has opted out of Medicare.

What are your fees?
How Do I Pay For My Visit?

Full payment is expected at each visit by cash, check, or credit card.

What Kind Of Laboratory Testing Do You Do And Is It Covered By Insurance?

Typically, any blood work that is requested from a lab that’s on your insurance plan is covered. However, you may also take Functional Medicine tests, which include urine, stool or saliva kits that you take home, and/or have blood drawn at a local lab. Generally these labs are not covered by insurance. Prices vary depending on which test you do and reimbursement depends on your insurance.

Where Can I Have Laboratory Testing Completed?

Currently, we offer options for patients to complete their laboratory testing by either:

  • Sending a lab order to a clinic near you,
  • Visiting a Quest draw site, or
  • Utilizing the mobile phlebotomy group that our practice has partnered with. To learn more about this option, please click here.

Please contact us for more information on any of these options.

Are you solely providing telemedicine?

Dr. Hopkins is licensed to practice medicine in Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. At this time, many of our patients are electing for telemedicine visits.

However, patients may choose an in-person visit. At this time, we provide two options for in-person visits:

  • Patients may elect to travel to Dr. Hopkins for an in-person visit.
  • Patients residing near the Twin Cities may request for Dr. Hopkins to conduct the appointment in the patient’s home. There is an $80 charge for travel under an hour. 

“As my personal “go-to” holistic physician, I have found Kat Hopkins to be engaging, knowledgeable, loving, and incredibly competent.  I highly recommend her!”

– Bill Manahan, MD

“Dr. Hopkins knows how to get to the root of complex health problems with humor and love. As a functional medicine practitioner myself, I deeply appreciate her exceptional ability to synthesize information and partner with me on innovative ways to optimize my health.”

– Laura Sandquist CNP, DNP

“Dr. Kat is the best in the business. I can speak to this on a personal and professional level. She stays on top of the latest research and her bedside manner is a dream. If I have a client who is in need of a highly skilled Functional Medicine physician, Dr. Kat is always the answer!”

- Kylene Bogden,  MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN, CLT 

“Dr. Hopkins has changed our lives after many previous medical interventions had failed to provide relief.  In addition to providing us with the needed insight and holistic treatment for persistent conditions, she has continually educated us to understand and maintain our health.”

– Bonnie Dahlhauser and Teri Lewis

“I began being treated by Dr. Hopkins after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and the best way to sum up my relationship with her is: she has changed my life for the better. I have three small children, and with her brilliance, guidance, and encouragement, I have been able to regain energy and focus on how I want to live: as someone who is intentional in her relationships.”

-Claire Mitchell

“My husband and I had the great fortune of working with Dr. Kat Hopkins. When we first met her, we could tell right away that we were in good hands. She is kind, competent, and incredibly wise. We were so impressed with her thoughtful explanations of our health challenges and her novel thinking on what we could do to feel better. Dr. Hopkins is very thorough and clearly an exceptional diagnostician and clinician. We especially appreciated that she would let us know when she discovered new treatment options. She clearly invests her time and energy into finding the best approach for each individual patient. We could not recommend her more highly! She will change your health, and your life!”

– Erin Erickson, DNP, MPH, MA

"When my wife and I met Dr. Hopkins, I had been suffering from severe eczema and occasional abdominal pain. The doctors in my insurance network were unable to discover the root cause and told me these symptoms were something I would have for the rest of my life and my only relief would be a lifelong prescription. Dr. Hopkins not only discovered the cause of my eczema, she presented us with solutions, protocols and references to other professionals to aid both myself and my wife in our recovery and fertility journey. Dr. Kat and her whole crew are compassionate, knowledgeable, and immensely supportive. I highly recommend her and her Olos Integrative team. Thank you so much!"

- Aaron Rosener

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